Screenwriting Workshop

science-6Along with providing script consultation, we can also conduct workshops on screenwriting for you. Writing a script is a tricky business. We will guide you on

• How to develop viable story ideas which can be executed and can be brought to a saleable point
• Plot development and breakdown i.e. is the concept unique? Is the story tracking?
• Character development i.e. are the characters coming alive? Are the unique or realistic?
• Dialogue i.e. is it well-crafted? Does the dialogue pop?
• Scene and action description i.e. is it compelling?

Perception Management

science-2Perception is the way something is understood, interpreted or regarded. In the business environment it is extremely important to ensure that you portray a good perception of yourself on your clients, partners and customers. For this reason we provide workshops on perception management. We help in:

• Critically analysing reality versus perception.
• Creating a positive perception of your company/ self/ team/ products/ services.
• Developing strategies to influence key stakeholders.
• Overcoming negative perceptions.
• Setting and managing expectations.

Photography Workshop

science-6Workshops are also provided on the foundations of photography. Whether you take photography for fun or you are aspiring to be a professional, you should be aware of the basic skills and tools needed to master photography. Our workshops focus on:

• The basics of photography.
• Choosing camera equipment.
• Photo composition, exposure in the camera.
• Lighting needed for photography
• How to get the colour right
• How to photograph different subjects
• How to edit photographs on Photoshop

Wordpress Workshop

science-2WordPress is a web software which is very easy and free to use. It is used for creation of beautiful blogs, websites and apps. However, it’s often misunderstood. Is it a CMS? Is it a blogging platform? Should I make my own theme? Should I use a free theme? Should I buy one? vs. To help you with your task of creating beautiful websites we arrange workshops on WordPress Mastery. Some of the basic things we focus on are:

• WordPress as a blogging platform and CMS.
• Learning of basic HTML and CSS.
• How to develop a custom website from scratch.
• Learning how to customize navigation/ themes.
• Understanding how to leverage the WordPress plug-in library.