Screenwriting Workshop


1) Developing viable story ideas

2) Plot development and breakdown

3) Character development

4) Dialogue

5) Scene & action description

Perception Management


1) Critically analyzing reality versus perception

2) Creating a positive perception of your self/company/team/product/service

3) Developing strategies to influence key stakeholders

4) Overcoming negative perceptions

5) Setting and managing expectations

Photography Workshop

science-61) Choosing Camera Equipment, The Basics of Photography

2) Photo Composition, Exposure in the Camera

3) Lighting for Photography, Getting the Color Right

4) Photographing Different Subjects

5) Editing your photos in Photoshop

Wordpress Workshop


1) WordPress as a blogging platform and CMS

2) Learn basic HTML and CSS

3) Develop a custom website from scratch

4) Learn how to customize navigation/themes

5) Understand how to leverage the WordPress plug-in library